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20-22 Oct 2000 - Midwest Chapter Reunion

The Midwest Chapter of the BVA will host a reunion and memorial service
in Youngstown, Ohio October 20 - 22, 2000 to honor our fallen brothers.

For additional details, contact:

Don Inns
2764 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Phone: 513-531-1779

23 Oct 2000 - Lebanon of Cedar and Plaque still progressing in Cypress

Writes Charles M. Frye:

I do not have the approval of the City Council in Cypress as yet as I just submitted a plan, however, I feel it is going to go fairly smoothly. I sent a copy of Root Scoop II, a plan of action, a photograph of me on October 24, 1984 at the Arlington National Cemetery at the dedication by No Greater Love at the Cedar of Lebanon, with assurance that I would bare all cost regarding buying the Cedar of Lebanon and the plaque. I ask the City Council to identify whether they wanted a brass or granite plaque and whether it should be subterrain or above ground. It will be perfect in Veteran's Park.

I plan on the dedication to be on the 23rd of October 2000. I also will be getting a little press and ask for attention to be focused on the postage stamp as a remembrance. I will also invite the American Legion and the VFW. I have came up with the following words for the plaque. Any suggested changes should be made fairly soon:

"This Lebanon of Cedar grows in living memory of the American military personnel
who came in peace but died at the hands of terrorist in Beirut, Lebanon."
Given by The Beirut Veterans of American October 24, 2000
" The First Duty is to Remember"

(I didn't want to limit it to saying 1983 and 1984 because of the others who died later -- PO2 Stethem and Col. Higgins, among others).

Any suggestions would be ok.

Sincerely, Charles M. Frye

22 Oct 99 - No Greater Love Ceremony - Arlington, VA (DC)

There will be a No Greater Love memorial ceremony in DC in section 59 of the Arlington National Ceremony at noon, 22 Oct 99. See the No Greater Love website for specifics. Maj Bob Jordan USMC(Ret) will be speaking.

23 Oct 99 - 16th Beirut Remembrance Ceremony - Jacksonville, NC

The 1999 observance will be on Saturday, 23 Oct 1999 at 10:30 AM. The main speaker will be the Commandant, General James L. Jones.

REUNIONS - There are several recent and planned reunions.

* 2/8 - Held 30th July 99 For more info contact Evi Cox:

* USS IWO JIMA A reunion for all personnel who served onboard the USS Iwo Jima LPH2 (Flagship of marg 2-83 Navy/Marine Corps units stationed off Beirut) is being arranged. (See dates of reunion below in the next entry.) For those interested the point of contact is:

Robert G. McAnally
38B Frissell Street
Hampton, Va. 23663
Phone: (757) 723-0317

For additional info, contact Jim Stokes USN (ret):


Bruce Richardson (USS IWO JIMA Deployed to Beirut 06/83 10/85) writes:

I would also like to inform any Ex-Iwo Jima Sailors that there is a reunion that is being planned for 24 Mar - 26 Mar, 2000 at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, MS. (Please note date change, it *was* in Feb, but has now been changed). New USS Iwo Jima LHD-7 being Christened. Contact me through E-mail and I'll send you the Web Link. In the Subject line please put in Iwo Reuion otherwise I might delete it by mistake.


Or write to: Robert G. McAnally, 38 Frissell Street, Hampton, VA 23663

(NOTE: All of this section exists in the form a proposed site plan)

This is an area where this effort will be potentially used to help out in any mass loss of life or other disaster. It will take the form of an electronic support system established through the Beruit Memorial On Line. The hope is to construct this resource and once a disaster occurs, the electronic template can be quickly mobilized and adapted (without worry of copyright issues as all technical and programming expertise would be donated for this purpose). Most of this information will hopefully be supplied to me once it is solicited. [i.e. U.S. Government, Military, Veterans Affairs, etc.]

  • Decendent Affairs - Identifying loved ones, should you or shouldn't you? (a psychological perspective, personal accounts from people that have had this experience)
  • Counseling Opportunities - Opportunities available
  • International Issues - Paperwork, transport, notification & visitation in regard to crossing international borders
  • Contact Information:
    • Who is my first point of contact?
    • Should I let the State Department moderate on my behalf?
  • Dealing with a Foreign Government - Negotiation for information, translators
    • Legal/customs - Issues for events occuring outside CONUS
      (CONUS = Continental United States)

  • Next of Kin:
    • Defined by law: Family, Fiancé, Girlfriend / Boyfriend
    • Rights of Next of Kin
      Example: Airline/military are required to notify in XX hours
  • Points of Contact:
    • Government and public offices
    • Foriegn government contact
  • Dealing with the Media:
    • Should you talk to them or not?
    • What you should and shouldn't say
  • Retaining an Attorney:
    • Should you talk to attorneys specializing in "high profile" cases?
    • Limit of liability | Rights of notification


  • Funeral with Military Honors - Who is entitled?
  • Points of Contact
  • Insurance Issues
  • Support Organizations:
    • The Beirut Connection
    • The Beirut Memorial Foundation
    • The Beirut Veterans of America
  • On Line Newsletter
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    • Upcoming Events/Planning
  • Database - On Line [secure with password protection]
    • Tracking of information/contacts to put together a puzzle of missing information (flood, earthquake)
    • Secure database of contacts/family members [to quickly establish the "network"]
  • "Mail In" - On Line request for feedback. This would be helpful in reconstruction of a puzzle of lost information and contacts. Also, in the event of possible wrongdoing, perhaps information can be efficiently gathered to aid officials


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