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(From Ernie J. Yasso): These are pictures I have taken yesterday (18 Apr 2000). I wanted first to describe to you the setting, the Youngs (Judith and John) have visited and I believe it has been a great experience. FYI, this is a hill about 5000 feet high in the mountains of Lebanon, called Kesrouan, and in particular the area is called " Tabriyeh". In this place, we have planted Cedar trees for few Christian Lebanese martyrs, who have given their lives defending, friends, family, and homes against the invading Syrians, Palestinians, and other muslim extremists. We found, that it is only appropriate to share part of the land with a small symbol of heroism for the fallen US Marines. Where we have planted a Cedar tree, very small for the moment, as a memorial for the Marines killed by the same attackers, we have also added a rock, as you can see, to remember the Youngs visit. This rock will remain, and this year we have plans to add a large copper sign, that will include the names of all the Marines killed in Lebanon. Once it is installed, we will copy you all. If you take a walk with me, I will guide you thru the mountain with a few pictures:

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